New Jersey Commuter Towns are seeing an uptick in home buyers from New York City, Staten Island, and Brooklyn

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Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan residents are moving to New Jersey Commuter Towns.

As more and more companies migrate to a flexible work-from-home policies, people are looking for more space – often times at a better monthly price than a two-bedroom apartment in their own neighborhood.

Those with jobs in New York City and the surrounding areas are now setting their eyes across the river on home ownership in New Jersey Commuter Towns.

The average New York City commuter is willing to travel up to 45 minutes each way in exchange for the luxury of owning a home, and more square footage, outside the city.

A number of New Jersey Commuter Towns promote a one-hour or less trip into Manhattan, while also providing an escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the city.

The following towns provide all the highlights of suburbia with the convenience of a New York City commute clocking-in at less than 60 minutes by either train and/or bus.

Colonia Homes for Sale

Colonia Community Info | Colonia School Report | Metropark Train Schedule / Rahway Train Schedule

Residents of Colonia have the luxury of living close to major roadways, combined with the seclusion of a small town. All New York City commuters need to do is drive five minutes (less than 2.5 miles) to the Rahway Station or Metropark Station lot and hop onto one of the three hourly trains that get you into New York Penn Station within 45 minutes.

Cranford Homes for Sale

Cranford Community Info | Cranford School Report | Cranford Train Schedule

Trains will get you to the city in under 50 minutes, while the Cranford downtown area is any foodie’s dream. This commute does require a transfer to the Northeast Corridor line at Penn Station, but that’s only three short stops away. Pick from an array of restaurants and cuisine or enjoy a little downtime with paint and sip classes, comic book shops, and cafes. The median home price in Cranford: $487,500.

Edison Homes for Sale

Edison Community Info | Edison School Report | Edison Train Schedule / Metropark Train Schedule

Trains from Edison Station will get you to and from the city in just about an hour, but a drive to neighboring MetroPark in Iselin could cut that down to 40 minutes at best. Not to mention, the frequency of four trains to NYC per hour in MetroPark may provide the best options if you’re running a bit behind schedule in the morning.

Garwood Homes for Sale

Garwood Community Info | Garwood School Report | Garwood Train Schedule

Nestled between Westfield and Cranford, Garwood offers easy access to both neighboring towns, while also providing food and grocery shopping options along North Ave. Trains to and from the city take less than an hour, and does require a transfer to the Northeast Corridor Line at Newark Penn Station.

Linden Homes for Sale

Linden Community Info | Linden School Report | Linden Train Schedule

Linden’s train station is just under two miles from the Sunnyside part of town, a neighborhood known for its tight-knit community, local parks, and variety of home styles ranging from capes, colonials, and ranches. This Linden neighborhood provides ample retreat from Manhattan, while simultaneously providing a commute that can get you to and from Penn Station NY in less than an hour. The National Association of Realtors reports that the average listing price in Linden sits at $314k.

Maplewood Homes for Sale

Maplewood Community Info | Maplewood School Report | Maplewood Train Schedule

Maplewood has quickly become the hotspot for Brooklyn transplants. Mom and pop stores lining the streets of a foot-traffic heavy downtown provide a small-town vibe with all the benefits of a short commute into Manhattan. Maplewood Station to New York’s Penn Station clocks in at just around 45 minutes, on a direct train aboard the Morris and Essex Line. During rush hour, trains depart at intervals of nearly three per hour, and some local communities even provide shuttle service to and from the station.

Metuchen Homes for Sale

Metuchen Community Info | Metuchen School Report | Metuchen Train Schedule

Metuchen is yet another super-walkable NJ downtown, with tons of restaurants, bars, coffee spots, and mom and pop stores to keep you entertained for the day. It’s also a transit hub for NYC commuters, with trains operating in and out of the city in under an hour. Minutes from the Menlo Park Mall, Garden State Parkway, and Routes 287 and 1, puts Metuchen in a unique, enviable, and highly-accessible location.

Rahway Homes for Sale

Rahway Community Info | Rahway School Report | Rahway Train Schedule

A vibrant downtown packed to the brim with restaurants, coffee shops, and a bustling nightlife, puts Rahway in a unique light when it comes to NYC commuter towns. Most trains are scheduled to arrive in New York in under 45 minutes, and depart every 20 – 30 minutes. Before you board the train, local businesses directly across the street from the platform give you the option of picking up a quick breakfast or hot cup of coffee for the ride. Home styles and prices vary, with the median list price checking in at $300k, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Roselle Park Homes for Sale

Roselle Park Community Info | Roselle Park School Report | Roselle Park Train Schedule

History buffs would be the first to tell you the significance of Roselle Park in New Jersey history, dating back to the days of the American Revolution. Galloping Hill Road, the main thoroughfare in town, helped scouts deliver messages to and from General Washington. These days, transit remains a central point of town, with commuters taking NJ Transit from Roselle Park to New York City. The trip does require a transfer at Newark Penn, but even with that connection from Raritan Valley Line to North Jersey Coast or Northeast Corridor, the estimated time of travel sits at 45 minutes.

Union Township Homes for Sale

Union Township Community Info | Union Township School Report | Union Township Train Schedule

Union’s borders are made up predominantly by highways, with Routes 78 and 22 running across the northern and southern sides, respectively, and the Garden State Parkway making up the eastern side of town. As a result, there a numerous options available to catch a bus line heading to or from the city, and 40 minutes or less train rides available from Union Station.

Westfield Homes for Sale

Westfield Community Info | Westfield School Report | Westfield Train Schedule

Westfield is located on the Raritan Valley Line, so it does require a transfer to the Northeast Corridor line at Penn Station, the last stop on the route. That being said, the overall commute still clocks in at under an hour, with trains coming and going roughly every 30 minutes. Parking at the Westfield station is at a premium, but not many towns can rival the offerings available just outside that commuter line. Coffee shops, restaurants, and even a meditation studio is close by, giving plenty of options to unwind after work.

Woodbridge Homes for Sale

Woodbridge Community Info | Woodbridge School Report | Woodbridge Train Schedule

A direct New York City train commute is available from Woodbridge via the Metropark Station along the North Jersey Coastline, with trains arriving every 30 – 40 minutes during rush hour. Unlike some of the other towns listed in this post, Woodbridge has more or less established itself as a firm commuter town, offering few options around the station to do much outside of hustling to and from the city. However, easy access to the Parkway and Route 27 allows Woodbridge to stand out a bit more as a dual-commuting town for both buses and trains.